Jennifer Hudson Not Quite Ready For Work Yet

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Jennifer Hudson had a schedule before the murders to shoot a video, but she is still going to need some grieving time:

Jennifer Hudson has cancelled the first video shoot scheduled since the October deaths of her mother, brother and nephew, a source says. The Oscar winner, 27, planned on shooting the clip for “If It Isn’t Love” in L.A. next week, her J Records rep confirmed to the Associated Press Dec. 9. But “the video was set up before the tragedy and she felt like she should finish what she started, but she’s realized that she’s not ready to go back to work,” a source tells Us. “It’s too early,” the source adds. A personal rep for Hudson, however, calls the original video plans “speculation. “The video shoot was never confirmed, so there was nothing to cancel,” the rep tells “[J Records’ statement] was erroneous.” Darnell Donerson, 57; brother, Jason, 29, and 7-year-old nephew, Julian King, were fatally shot in Chicago Oct. 24. William Balfour — the estranged husband of Jennifer’s sister, Julia — was charged with the murders Dec. 2.

We hope it isn’t her manager or money hungry P.R. people pushing for her to hit the scene again before she is ready. Some people would not make it out of a situation like this at all, let alone be ready to work so soon.  Take all the all the time you need, J. Hud.



  • Mrs. Rance

    I hope fans and her label will continue to support Jennifer and not let her new album fall off the map because of this grieving period. The industry is that fickle.

  • Jay

    Take your time Jennifer…..we are still praying for you…

  • Anon

    Jennifer needs to take her time and return when she feels ready. With the exception of an Inauguration performance, I’d like to see her take a break until the trial is over. Think about it: she’s got a least 1 unreleased movie in the can (due for release in the spring), her second single dropped a couple weeks ago, so she can roll for at least another 6 months to a year. Unlike a lot of talentless performers who we give props… this girl can sing and is proving herself to be a respectable actress, so like a phoenix she’ll rise again.

  • Ro Ro

    Poor Jen. I think she should definately take as much time as she needs. I was a bit surprised to hear that she was so ready so fast but I know that people grieve differently.

    All I pray is that her label and the people around her don’t force her to do anything that she is not ready to do because that can really be detrimental to her, her sanity, her health and just her over all well being.

    We love you Jennifer Hudson and keep you in our prayers alwyas.

  • Tasha

    I read this on MTO over the weekend. Take your time Jen, you’re worth the wait. I know the grieving of loosing a mother. I lost mine two years ago in Jan and am still grieving so I know how she must feel with that’s transpired. Keep your head up Jen and take God’s hand and he will lead you. She is a very religious person, grew up in the church and never strayed so all she needs to do is stay down on those knee’s and look up which is where all of her help and strength is going to come from. You and your family are still solicited in my prayers!

  • Vee-Like Garfield I Hate Mondays :-(

    This is so sad: I can only imagine how JHud must feel-losing so many people at once, in such a violent way. I’m still praying for her.

  • Afiya

    It usually takes a year to fully recover from a death…but in her situation…lord…I don’t know if I would ever recover…yeah Jennifer…take all the time you need sweetheart!

  • Afiya

    I said that wrong…not FULLY recover…but can finally put some closure to a death…

  • Detroiter4Life

    WOW……..SMH I was surprised to hear she was going to try. Bless her heart and Lord give her strenght. If there is any singer/performer worth the wait it’s Jennifer! Please take your time Jennifer and allow God the time necessary to heal your broken heart. Psalm 147:3

  • iluvprada

    Take your TIME Jennifer! Don’t do like Kanye, you may end up looking like him…straight crazy?

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    Be easy Jennifer

  • Officially-Sexi


    Baby boo…I cannot even wrap my mind around how you must be feeling..but I will say this..God doesn’t put more on you than you can handle. Just take your time sis..You will come out as pure as gold..and you have a loyal fan base who can and will wait 4 you..when you’re ready sweety pop..we will be ready. Love you..and you are most definitely in our prayers.
    A loyal fan

  • Answer Guru

    I am sure she will be supported by her fans, that’s not a problem, I’m just wondering how strong can one be to face this situation!


    I wish her and her family can have a blessed Holiday season. I’m not sure how they can but I pray that they do…

  • Wait a minute

    Go Jen. Do you and dont worry about coming back into the “spotlight” just yet.

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