Todd Smith Wants to Be Civil

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Meathead LL Cool J recently discussed how he plans to deal with his situation at Def Jam and beef with Jay-Z.

Via Illseed at AHH:

“We need to meet and figure it out. It’s tough. Let’s be real. You know, they have an artist (Jay-Z) running a label full of artists. Okay? That’s like Calvin Klein running a fashion label and Varvatos and everyone else is underneath him. What kind of sense does that make? This hierarchy? It doesn’t work for me. I’m going to approach [the situation / meeting] from a positive, optimistic viewpoint. Hopefully it will work.”

Good because two grown ass men pushing 40 (LL is 39 and Camel is 38) beefing is ri-goddamn-diculous. Grow the fu*k up!


  • Guilty Pleasure

    Media hype at its best……..

  • I Stay SMH

    makes sense but *sheesh* MEATHEAD!




  • Keeping It Real

    LL thought about it and decided he didnt want it from the Jigga Man….


    this ‘story’ is not worth the number of bytes it takes to write the characters !”^


    cute n funny pic i stay smh

  • JaliliMaster

    Ruthie, I know you’re online.

  • I Stay SMH

    thank ya foxy mama!

  • JaliliMaster

    Sorry for using your real name but I was like aww.

  • JaliliMaster

    Foxycleopatra, that’s no cut ‘n funy pic. That is a baby Nazi. That’s the ‘heil Hitler’ sign in kiddie style. I Stay SMH, sure you ain’t a cone-head?

  • Smartie

    They might be old, but LL has a point. You’re profiting off of the work of the artists on your label. It’s great you love making music, but be one or the other.

  • Whatever

    LL has had issues with Jay ever since his last album flopped. He does have a point…the thing is, Jay-Z seems to spend more time promoting his own work than promoting/supporting his artists(ok, he’s “retired” but he released Kingdom Come and now he’s coming out with American Gangster in Nov). Jay-Z is talented but I’m getting tired of the narcissism and self-promotion–bring some underground, socially conscious hip-hop to the masses! A lofty goal but he could do it if he wanted…

  • Kee

    LL COOL didn’t really want it from Jay! LL Cool done let Fiddy pump his meat head up! (LOL) Lay it down LL and why you at it keep that tongue on your mouth PLEASE!

  • Mahogany

    Um, can we say Alpha Male????

  • Notahater

    Jay is the man…gotta love him. he is so cool he didn’t even go after LL. he was straight grown man about it. LL is fine and he is turning into a good actor – he does not have to join up with 50 and be all hard.

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