DAYUUUUUUM GINA!!! “Martin” Star Tisha Campbell And Hubby Duane Martin Sued For $430K By Bank After Defaulting On Home Loans

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We know Tommy ain’t have a job but come on!

Daaaamn Gina! You owe a TON of money to the bank this according to a new lawsuit obtained by TMZ:

“Martin” star Tisha Campbell and her husband Duane Martin have been sued by City National Bank for more than $430k … over a stupid home equity loan the couple took out in 2008 … right when the housing bubble was bursting.

According to legal docs obtained by TMZ … Tisha and Duane (an actor who starred in the ill-fated “Paul Reiser Show”) took out a $625k home equity loan on a slick waterfront property in Lake Arrowhead, CA .

However, at the time of the loan the couple still owed more than $730,000 on their mortgage to ANOTHER financial institution — Aurora Bank.

Long story short — Tisha and Duane allegedly defaulted on BOTH loans. Earlier this year, Aurora foreclosed on the home … and according to the docs, the bank sold it at auction for $925k.

Aurora got paid first … and sent the remaining $192k to CNS to partially satisfy the home equity loan, which had already ballooned to $633,119.52.

City National is now going after Tisha and Duane for the balance … plus interest.

But Tisha and Duane are PISSED — a rep for the couple tells TMZ … CNS is just trying to “bully” them for money they shouldn’t have to pay.

The rep points out that CNS received a $400 million government subsidy in 2009 to help people like the Tisha and Duane through the mortgage crisis … and says, “In this case City National refused to share the significant benefit that they received with the Martins.”

The Martins are now threatening legal action against the bank — claiming the bank discriminated against them.

When asked about the nature of the alleged discrimination, the rep would not elaborate.

Pay yo bills girl! Anyone who can afford a house that expensive should not qualify for any loans. Maybe those “Martin” checks have stopped coming in?

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