Did You Know: Back In The Day Abolitionists Used Photos Of Lightskinned And Mixed Race Slave Children To Draw More Sympathy When Raising Money For Their Causes!


white slave children new orleans

We guess they meant well but… is it bad that abolitionist used lighter-skinned slave children in a propaganda campaign to raise more money for slaves after emancipation? And did y’all know the anniversary of Lincoln’s slavery emancipation order happened this weekend?

Via NYDailyNews:

Sept. 22, 2012 marks the 150 year anniversary of when President Abraham Lincoln first issued a preliminary order emancipating slavery in the Confederate States, although efforts to ensure quality living conditions for blacks in the South would continue to be a long and difficult battle. In the 1860s, abolitionists circulated photos of pale-skinned, newly emancipated slave children to help raise money for struggling African-American schools in New Orleans, believing that images of “white” looking children would draw more sympathy — and more money — from Northern donors. The photos, like the one seen here, were mass produced and sold for 25 cents a piece.

Okay, we kinda have a hard time believing these photos sold for a quarter a piece tho? Like people were collecting lil slave baby trading cards?

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