Bolitics: Michelle Obama Says Voting Rights Are “The March Of Our Time” And “The Sit In Of Our Day”

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We cannot understate the importance of maintaining our right to vote! We are so glad that Michelle Obama is bringing attention to this issue. If you’re not already aware, there has been a shady push to make it harder to vote this year, specifically in areas where young, minority and low-income voters made a difference in the last Presidential election.

Via NYDailyNews:

Michelle Obama says protecting the right to vote has become the nation’s most important civil rights issue.

The first lady told a gathering of black lawmakers and leaders that they owe it to those who fought and died for equal rights in the 1960s to make sure every voter can freely cast a ballot.

Her comments Saturday at an annual awards banquet for the Congressional Black Caucus came amidst a push in more than a dozen states to pass laws requiring voters to show ID at the polls. Critics say the laws unfairly harm minorities, poor people and college students – all groups that tend to vote Democratic.

Comparing it to the civil rights movement, Obama called voting rights “the march of our time” and “the sit in of our day.”

Do you agree with Michelle Obama’s point or do you think these days the biggest obstacle people have in getting to the polls is their own negligence?

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