Stop The Music: The 10 Absolute Worst Musicians On The Planet Right Now

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Famous Horrible Musicians

We're tired of bad musicians. There's bad music all around and we're getting pretty fed up with it. It's about damn time to call them out for it. Here are 10 artists that make music that make our entire brains want to cry out of our ears. So without further ado, let's look at the worst musicians making it rain on the world right this very moment.
V-Nasty - She may be the worst rapper in the world. And we say "rapper" loosely.
Carly Rae Jepsen - That "This Is Crazy" song sucks so incredibly bad. There's no way to escape from it.
Skrillex - We're not sure what he does. But whatever it is, it's pretty horrible.
Chief Keef - His music is horrible. And it's polluting teenagers' minds. Double whammy.
Lil B - Why is he still making music? Didn't people make him go away a long time ago? No? Why not?
LMFAO - They're crappy and they know it.
Flo-Rida - Please, your singles. We can't take them. Just keep hitting the gym.
Rebecca Black - That Friday song made us want to destroy Youtube.
Glee kids perform at the White House The Cast Of Glee - Seriously, eff these guys.
Ca$h Out - He's done, right? Like, that's it for him, right? Please?

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