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Jamie Foxx

Bossip exclusively caught up with Jamie Foxx yesterday at a special V103.3 meet and greet in ATL and got the chance to chat with him about his new cd:

I’m happy with this album because were not standing on a movie. We’re not standing on any saturation on the radio right now. The project, I think, is the best music I’ve done thus far. The tempo of the record is more upbeat, the clubs are with it now. All of the featured artists on the album are grammy nominated this year. We lucked out this year. We got the best of Lil Wayne, we got the best of T.I. we got Kanye West. We have Dream, Timberland and Marsha from Floetry. And, I know were in a recession, so we’ve adjusted the price of the record to $9.99, so tell your friends.

We’ve heard it, and Jamie just might be right about this one. Intuition hits stores today.

Peep Jamie going hard at Terrence “baby wipes” Howard.


  • Philip Tomas Salé

    Seriously, who still buys CDs?

  • ???

    1 1 1

  • Nina Knows

    Hey Wanda!

  • Vee

    Is his cd out yet?

  • JayRock

    The CD is Fire………….Go get it!!!!!

  • Prez Bush is on my Dodgeball Team!

    LOL @ Jamie for knockin Terrance Howard! What an idiot, TH is talented, but he’s no Jamie Foxx

  • tanglebabe

    I just brought mines this morning at wal mart-it was $11.88 not $9.99 :)

  • Pretty Brown Thing

    Now, THAT was funny. LOL> O Jamie!

  • Adiamondcenter

    He was grrrreat in RAY..but he just don’t do it 4 me……..but blesses Jamie


    Jamie, is so funny! This is hilarious.

  • http://Afo.net Britt

    Sorry but I think jamie Foxx is a fake, He reminds me of Taye Digs all the sistas wanted him but he wasnt checking for them. This is how iam starting to see Jamie Foxx. He uses us to buy his records and make his money. other than that mov eon. Although the guy does have talent. And killed it in the Movie Ray. I just don’t like the real Jamie. He’s a Faker


    I love Jamie Foxx, maybe I wil sample some of his songs and then see I will buy the CD (yeah I stil buy them..LOL)

  • Just Sayin'

    I’d still hunch him though…

  • JJ


  • Crush on Joey B

    cruch…or crush you decide

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