Rest In Peace: Judge Orders DNA Testing On “Jeffersons” Star Sherman Hemsley’s Alleged Brother Who Wants In On His Estate!

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SMH. Why folks always come out the woodwork on some “family” isht when their rich and famous relatives die?

A man claiming to be the brother of late “Jefferson’s” star Sherman Hemsley has been ordered to undergo DNA testing after contesting the actor’s will.

TEXAS judge orders DNA test for man claiming to be dead JEFEFRSONS star SHERMAN HEMSLEY’s brother who’s challenging the late star’s will.

Richard Thornton from Philadelphia claims to be Hemsley’s brother . He’s challenging the validity of Hemsley’s will in an El Paso court.

The will names Hemsley’s longtime manager, Flora Enchinton, as sole beneficiary of the estate.

According to court documents Hemsley’s estate is worth more than $50,000.

Like his alleged brother, Sherman Hemsley was born in Philadelphia as well — but had lived in El Paso for the past two decades before his death.

As The ENQUIRER previously reported Hemsley died of lung cancer July 24.

Judge Patricia Chew docketed the on the estate trial to begin on October 31, Halloween, but Sherman’s “brother”, Thornton, who requested the DNA testing must provide results by Oct. 15.

Sounds super shady to us. What are the odds that this guy is actually related to George Jefferson?

Source Retna/Capital Pictures

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