Lacefront Livin: NYC Hoodrats Women Popped In The Airport For Stashing 2 Kilos Of That Yayo In Their Weave

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This is what happens when you agree to do hoodrat things with your friends….

NYC Women Arrested For Trying To Smuggle Narcotics Through Airport Security

Two NYC women were arrested at JFK airport yesterday after a failed attempt to smuggle some “booger sugar” through the security checkpoint by hiding it in their luxurious lady locks.

via The Grio

Kiana Howell and Makeeba Graham came in to New York through a Caribbean Airlines Flight 526 from Georgetown, Guyana on Sunday.

The nervous demeanor of the pair alerted airport security officers, which prompted them to search the two women. The officers discovered conspicuous bumps on their scalps, and proceeded to take them to the airport’s medical center.

Health workers at the medical center found and removed 996 grams of “booger sugar” from Howell’s weave, and another 1,046 grams from Ms. Graham’s weave.

Ladies….(and we use that term very loosely)……let’s do better. SMH.


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