Tyra’s Not Engaged

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Rumors have been circulating that Tyra Banks and her boyfriend NY investment banker John Utendahl got engaged this weekend. Apparently, the rumors were false if anyone gives a rats ass. Someone needs to wife her up soon before she turns out to be like Oprah for real.



  • lacyd

    I didn’t know that she had a boyfriend either. And I’d switch lives with Oprah anyday. Let’s see, to have a man, or to be a billionaire. No contest!!

  • Bahama Mama

    she better start getting her cat game on lock

  • NAIS

    ^^f**k that! I mean who wants to be a broke ass? At the same time, them billions get lonely and the comfort and security of true love (real love)is not perfect, but it IS priceless

  • hey

    tyra doesn’t NEED a man. no woman needs a man. plz this is 2007! what tyra does need is better lacefronts. sheeesh, glue hanging all out.

  • Shasta

    there is nothing wrong with being Oprah..She probably rolls around in a money tub when she ain’t with the man or woman that she is paying for. Stop the hate!

  • Yes I Said It

    OMG .I was kinda hoping it was true, so we wouldnt have to hear any more of her “I need a man” whining.

  • Shenequa

    He could do so much better.

  • idkmybffJillBoinChickaBoinBoin

    This is just ridiculous. No woman NEEDS to be with a man. What a woman needs to be his happy and at peace. If this guy comes without drama and ain’t trying to rob you Tyra, go for it. Don’t pay any attention to these folks…some of them praying for your problems!

  • http://whoseamerica.blogspot.com/ daria

    Has anyone even seen these two together? For all we know, she doesn’t have a man.


  • Butterfly

    What do you mean turns out like Oprah? Rich, sucessful, in a lonnnggg term relationship… Why do people act like because she’s not married to Stedman, she doesn’t have a man. She’s been with him for YEARS. He got his own money and doesn’t want to be in the spotlight with Oprah – he’s corporate business man. Who cares if she never marries him? Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell are not married, are never going to get married and are still together with a bunch of grown kids.

    Tyra is trying to be like Oprah and only hopes that she can one day “turn out” like her.

  • Butterfly

    What Tyra’s man need to watch out for is Trya “turning out” his female friends. Is it just me, or do you get a “vibe” from Tyra?

  • Flex

    ZZZZZZZZZ… Yawn… Huh? Tyra what? Oh. Who gives a f*ck? Yawn… ZZZZZZZZZ…

  • SMDH!!

    WOW – you black men who run this blog seem to be very bitter towards successful black women..

    Good thing the black woman hasn’t needed the black man for much in quite a bit of time now…

  • http://yourbenefitmatters.blogspot.com ThaBossLadee

    It still trips me out that her ass ain’t married!! WTF… Something has to be wrong with her.


  • KeepinItFactual

    He is a good looking black man w/ real money. She is a very-possibly crazy person, of questionable sexual orientation, who talks so much that no one around her can ever finish a sentence. Why would he want to ruin his life like that?!?

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