Womp! Womp! Kreayshawn Sets Records After Going Copper And Selling Only 3,900 Copies Of Her Debut Album

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That’s 3,900 too many

The numbers are in for Kreayshawn‘s first week sales of her debut album “Somethin’ Bout Kreay”, which was released on Sept. 18th. According to Billboard, the Bay area rapper only sold a total of 3,900 records the first week, which lands her at the 104 spot on the Billboard 200. The sales are among the lowest first week sales in history.

These numbers may come to a surprise for many fans since the 23-year-old rapper signed a 1 million dollar record deal with Columbia in 2011 after her hit single “Gucci Gucci” went viral on the internet. In Kreays defense, her album was ONLY available at Hot Topic stores and iTunes in the U.S…could this reason for the low sales? Maybe, maybe not.

Poor untalented White girl. Kreay took to Twitter to try and spin the clusterfawk:

Who the heck are those 3,900 people that spent actual money on this piece of garbage?

Even in this dreaded music industry climate, that is an absolutely dismal figure. Hopefully she fades into obscurity soon, because we’re not sure how much longer we can take her dishwater struggle raps.




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