Curtis Hasn’t Reached His Platinum Plateau

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The numbers are in and No cents still hasn’t gone platinum. It’s a good thing his Formula 50 Vitamin Water is good. The featured “Quote of the Day” Lil Weezy is a fan:

I got beaucoup 50 Vitamin Waters. He got the coldest one, the rest of ’em are really nasty. For real – don’t get that Revise – that other purple one. Naaaah, you gotta get that Formula 50. I done been fooled like that plenty of times. 50 got like the best-tasting Vitamin Water.

To date Curtis’ numbers: 906,198. Poor thang. Oh well, his ass is still getting $$$.



  • lacyd


  • Bahama Mama


  • D.P

    That’s Life

  • NAIS

    50 did this to himself. How can u have the same song 13 times on an album?? He makes it so easy to diss his funny lookin ass- he look like a skinny ass Tony Yayo.

    for the record formula 50 is the worst

  • Shasta

    what up with that pink area on Fiddy’s bottom lip?


    Formula 50 taste good mixed with vodka

  • ImpressMe

    Kinda of iffy oh fiddy. I like him but love to hate him. This is what happens when your mouth cash a check that yo ass can’t cash. He talks a lot of foolishness kinda like chris breezy regarding the song “Bed ” with J holiday. In related news rumor has it he and CiCi are tucked away in Atlanta in a love nest. If so congrats to them. Im sure spliting that has a least kept somewhat of a grin on his face.

  • I Stay SMH

    Power C ALL DAY

  • Lady Topaz!!!

    Ha! D@mn near platinum!

  • NaYE

    Whatever, I’m not a huge fan of 50. However he has gained over 400 million dollars when vitamin Water sold to Coca-Cola!


    I GET MONEY…..think about it….

  • daria

    He’s sold more than he should. Wack a– album

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    Shyt he did good forreal most people thought he was going to flop.

    I was reading some of the published Census reports and it stated that last year 700 million cds were sold…compared to 2000 when over 900 million albums were sold.

    50 better be glad he sold that amount…

  • chaser

    If it wasn’t for 50 neither him or Kanye would have sold as much as they did. I’m sure he intended to come out on top (of Kanye), but he can afford this loss. In the grand scheme of things, he’s still very much a winner.

  • hiphoper

    50 cent will have the second best selling album of 2007,

    so why should he be sad?

    and worldwide he’s beating Kanye:

    Europe Chart :

    3 50 cent

    6 Kanye West

    U.K. :

    5 “Graduation” Kanye West

    6 “Curtis” 50 Cent

    Ireland :

    3 “Curtis” 50 Cent

    4 “Graduation” Kanye West

    Germany :

    11 “Curtis” 50 Cent

    34 “Graduation” Kanye West

    France :

    7 “Curtis” 50 Cent

    36 “Graduation” Kanye West

    Denmark :

    14 “Curtis” 50 Cent

    –Kanye Ain’t In The Top 20.

    Czechia :

    7 “Curtis” 50 Cent

    –Kanye Ain’t In The Top 20.

    Australia :

    6 “Graduation” Kanye West

    9 “Curtis” 50 Cent

    New – Zealand :

    7 “Curtis” 50 Cent

    9 “Graduation” Kanye West

    Canada :

    2 “Graduation” Kanye West

    4 “Curtis” 50 Cent

    U.S.A. :

    5 “Graduation” Kanye West

    9 “Curtis” 50 Cent

    Italy :

    32 “Curtis” 50 Cent

    –Kanye Ain’t In The Top 100 No More.

    Holland :

    16 “Curtis” 50 Cent

    29 “Graduation” Kanye West

    Belgium :

    6 “Curtis” 50 Cent

    49 “Graduation” Kanye West

    India :

    1 “Curtis” 50 Cent (3 Weeks At The Number 1 Spot)

    –Kanye Ain’t In The Top 20

  • ThatTouchOfPink

    Well shoot!

    I know these days its all about sound scan and down loads but that is 900,000 records than ANY of us have ever sold! Give him a break!

    Back in the day going platinum during the course of an album’s release was a super acheivement in itself

    Now it’s about how soon you get to platinum.

    50 is that DEAL if 900,000 is seen as mediocre performance.

    That’s like when Michael Jackson did between 5-7 million on his last album and it was concidered a commercial flop. . .WHAT??? LOL

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