Psycho Box: 10 Signs Rihanna May Be A Tad Bit Freaking Crazy

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Signs Rihanna Is Crazy

10. She’s into S&M – Tying someone up and gagging and all that? That’s only for the crazies.

9. Her Tattoos – Nothing normal about “thug life” and a gun on her hip.

Twitter Files: RihRih Goes OFF On A Fan After She Brings Up Her Ex-Boo (Maybe Current) Thang Chris Brown ... "He Beat Your Face Off!"

8. She’s Insanely Jealous – Rihanna has a crazy jealous streak that’s legendary.

7. The Crazy Videos – All those damn wild tweets make us worry about her. Something doesn’t seem right.

6. She Really Thinks Chris Brown Is Still Her BF – She just tweeted jealousy about him and some other woman…but he has a different girlfriend!

5. She Smokes A Gang Of Weed – Like, borderline too much

4. Wait…Is That Yayo?!

3. She’s Throwing Everything Away To Be Buddies With Breezy – She has everything, but she almost lost endorsements and Jay’s friendship over it.

Rihanna Drake at Drake's After Party at Greenhouse

2. She Clearly Has That Magical Box – She had Chris Brown and Drake fighting over her. So she’s got that magical good good. And you know who keeps magic box on deck? Crazy chicks. Book it.

Rihanna Red Head

1. The Crazy Hair – One minute she’s half-bald, another she’s got red hair, then she’s blonde. WTF is going on? They’re all so drastic that it worries us.


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