The Publicity Game is Over

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Nick Cannon and Selita Ebanks have split up and here is the new girl he may be hittin’, Feel The Noise actress Zulay Henao. Nick and Zulay were spotted looking like they wanted to take it outside Monday night in NYC.

Selita’s ex-manager/boyfriend said a while ago she was using Nick for publicity and to get her acting career started.

Sources exclusively told Bossip a while ago that Nick’s parents didn’t like Selita and that her rack was not the only thing fake in the relationship.


  • Hey Hey

    doesn’t she seem to be a bit to mature for him anyway??

  • Hey Hey

    never been first..

    is this how it feels.



    anyhow, I hope he finds someone who’s realy into him.

  • Hey Hey

    i meant

    “too” and “really”

    I apologize

  • pilldoctor

    who believed them as a couple? they don’t even seem compatible…

  • Meme

    Maybe if he hadn’t tried to carry Christina Milian like he did, he could find someone. He’s NEVER going to get someone who looks as good as her (sorry Selita, but you ain’t it). Karma is kicking him in the tushy!

  • DC Tap Water

    She shoulda stayed in longer…She might have had a chance to act lmao!!!! DUMBASS

  • kit

    I don’t know how she put up with him.Iwould have commit suicide after the first date with that jiggyboo ass clown

  • Chocolate FIYAH

    Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… is this supposed to be a surprise??? LMAO!!!

    EVERYBODY knew that MESS was a SHAM!!!!

  • Evisu

    Poor Nick – You gotta watch out for girls. They are users!

  • Beautiful1

    Poor Nick.

    That’s real messed up that she used him, but that’s ok, she’ll get hers and he’ll wind up on top!!

  • OUCH


  • Ciao!

    Ain’t he “how you doin”?

  • John

    Aww Man!! Selita was just using the brother!! Thats cold,, Its just too cold!!

  • Alana

    I knew something was up when yall posted that picture of him and that Latina yesterday. Something about the way he looked (SAD). No matter how corny some people say Nick is, he is paid and he is gaining clout in Hollywood. I believe that she did use him to an extent. Poor thing, he seems sweet.

  • Alana

    In a good way not a gay way, lol.

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