Quote of The Day: Kay Slay on Dr. Dre

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DJ and radio personality Kay Slay talking about Dr. Dre:

Fu*k Dre. I don’t even wanna give him no props, dog. He’s on another planet. Even Busta ain’t talking with Dre.”





    I wonder what that is about. Anybody know?

  • NoWAY

    Sounds like some gay ish if Busta is involved.

  • tintin

    cause dre is taking to long to release detox so people are pissed. i guess also he is not putting in work with anyone who possibly wants to work with him.

  • D.P

    A Little Hostile?



    If thats what the problem is that sounds hella GAY. MAN UP SLAY!!!!

  • http://www.TheShoeGame.com G-Roc

    I don’t care for Kay Slay at all. He’s always talking

  • Delta Diva

    Why he hating on dre? Ok…I’m confused

  • Shasta

    Dre been on another planet- while he was there he put down tracks for major artists and made a good name for himself oh yeah and tons of $$$$.. On that other planet obviously Slay was not there- anyway who is K Slay?

  • yes


  • 504okaay


  • Lee

    He is hatin on Dre because Dr. Dre will not do anymore beats for Papoose since Papoose lost his record deal

  • Guilty Pleasure

    Dang, why are all of these rappers so MAD??????

    Kinda reminds me of the Mad Rapper intro on Biggie’s CD back in the day….

  • Mahogany

    K slay Mcgreasy runs his mouth like a wee little gyrl.!

    He’s always commenting on something random and not dealing w/ him @ all.

    He needs to blog like the rest of us. ;)

    He probably wanted one of Dre’s tracks and the Dr. told him hell to the no.

  • Mahogany

    Now that I’ve scrolled up and read Lee’s comment, I see I was correct.!


  • http://fugmail.com me that's who

    i think i read somewhere he was married to or living with engaged to that buffie the body chick, if that is true shouldn’t he be worried bout why her ass hiked up in the air on the cover of that magazine

    dr dre had on a too little ross dress for less clerance rack special shirt on the vma’s but i still bump the chronic to this day nuthing but a g thang baby

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