Twitter Files: Rihanna Basks In A Victorious Glow, While Oochie Coochie Karrueche Laments Her Lost Love

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It was a hard-fought battle, and unfortunately, someone has to win and someone has to lose…

Rihanna And Karrueche Tweet About Relationship With Chris Brown

Now that Breezy has kicked Karrueche to the curb and picked up Rih-Rih’s piff-puffin’ pieces, it’s time for the post-game press conference aka tweets and sub-tweets.

Although we expect MANY more tweets from all parties involved over the next few weeks these first few tweets show Rihanna feeling empowered and even joyful at the recent turn of events.

Meanwhile at Heartbreak Hotel, Karrueche is probably pounding shots of Patron is angry, hurt, and just wants us all to get over it.

The day these two cross paths in the Hollyweird streets…it’s gonna be like the scene at the end of Transformers

Good luck ladies, you’re BOTH gonna need it…

Sidebar: Draya…you know DAMN well Chris and Karrueche weren’t “good”…SMDH

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