**Bossip Exclusive** Reggie Bush’s Busted Doppelganger Girlfriend Has Trapped Him With An Unplanned Gut Full Of Human!

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These hoes STILL winnin’!!

Reggie Bush’s Girlfriend Is Pregnant

Things aren’t lookin’ good for Reggie Bush’s bank account for the next 18 years. According to Bossip sources close to the Dolphins’ baller say his live-in, Armenian, boo-thang (no, not THAT one) Lilit is knocked the fawk up!

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“WTF was I THINKING about?!?!”

Apparently, Reggie spilled his seed in ol’ girl on a romantic trip to Europe towards the end of the summer where he wasn’t too interested in using an “umbrella” when “playing in the rain”.

Our insider tells us exclusively that Reggie and Lilit have been together for a little over a year, and he moved her from L.A. to Miami so she could be on his arm during the NFL season.

We’re also told that he’s PISSED about the whole situation, but she is VERY adamant about keeping the baby, so Reggie isn’t going to fight her about it.

When will these stupid ninjas learn to stop dealing with these off-brand, good-for-nothing, can’t-wait-to-be-a-baller’s-baby-mama azz hoes alone?!

He should have stayed his silly azz with Kimmy Cakes. At LEAST she has her own gwap and wouldn’t need to suck his bank account dry with child support payments that he is getting ready to make to this ho.

SMH…get your life together Reggie!

Sidebar: If you have Reggie on your fantasy football team you might wanna bench him this weekend. He’s liable to be a lil’…distracted.

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