What The Hell?? Philly Pole Dancer Blamed For Groom-To-Be’s Bladder Injury During Bachelor Party At Strip Club

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What in the heezy??? This broad must’ve been working that pole something tough to injure dude like that…

According to ABC News:

A bachelor party celebration at a Philadelphia strip club turned painfully dangerous for Patrick Gallagher, who says his bladder was ruptured while participating in a pole dance on stage.

Gallagher, of Lansdale, Pa., filed a lawsuit in Philadelphia’s Court of Common Plea last week, alleging that a dancer at the Penthouse Club caused him serious injury, including a ruptured bladder, when she fell on him during the dance routine in November 2010.

According to the complaint, Gallagher was lying at the bottom of the pole when a dancer climbed to the top of it and slid down “from a great height and slammed her body on top of” Gallagher. The suit alleges the force of her slide ruptured Gallagher’s bladder and caused nerve damage. Gallagher’s attorney, Neil Murray, told the Philadelphia Inquirer that his client had been directed to lie on the stage as part of the bachelors’ package that his friends had bought for him.

Gallagher left the club in pain after the incident, and the next morning went to the hospital, where doctors determined his injuries, Murray told the newspaper.

Murray and Gallagher declined to speak to ABC News, and a manager at the Penthouse Club also declined to comment. Gallagher is seeking damages in excess of $50,000, claiming negligence that resulted in physical injuries that required medical care, according to the lawsuit.

Wow. A Case of planking at the strip club gone wrong. Poor guy.

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