Clueless: Stacey Dash Says Money Mitt Is ‘The Only Choice’ For President

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Wonder if she’ll backtrack like Nicki did…

Stacey Dash Endorses Mitt Romney

Hollyweird banger Stacey Dash is the latest of a few celebs that have come out publicly to admit that she has tasted the Romney rum…..and she likes it.

While there was no mention of this endorsement prior to last week’s first 2012 Presidential debate, it seems Mittens must have gotten his loud and wrong message across to someone.

Stacey tweeted:

While her republican revelation was met with much shade from the twitterverse, the former Single Ladies star stood by her choice and even retweeted Money Mitt:

Do you think it makes more sense for high-paid Hollyweirders like Stacey Dash to support Mitt Romney for President?

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