Love & Hip-Hop NYC Cast Revealed … And Guess Which D-List Pair Deserves Epitome Of Bad Parents “Honors” Already?

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Love & Hip-Hop NYC cast

If you were wondering how LHHNYC planned to fill the void left by Chrissy and Emily B, wonder no more. BOSSIP has the exclusive on the ladies who will be joining Season 3 of VH1’s hit show — including which new faces are joining the cast and which vets you can expect to see return. We’ve also got plenty of details and things to look for that you can’t find anywhere else.

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Mona Scott Consequence Jen The Pen

Consequence & Jen The Pen

Jen the Pen tweets about needing a stylist for a reality show

As we first reported MONTHS back, rapper Consequence will be joining the cast, with his Becky baby mama Jen the Pen. While you may recognize Jen from her stint on Damon Dash’s “Ultimate Hustler” show, homegirl has slimmed down significantly and added a gang of ish to her resume (radio personality, stylist etc…) including Mommy to her and Cons’ baby boy Caiden. We don’t know how much they’ll show of the “real deal” on the show, but based on what we’ve heard Jen may pick up where Emily B. left off as the long suffering baby mama whose man ain’t always that respectful. And that’s putting it mildly.

Jen The Pen Consequence Jen the Pen Caiden
baby Caiden Jen the Pen tweets about Caiden in the studio with ConsJen the Pen
Jen the Pen Yandy

Joe Budden and Kaylin Garcia

Joe Budden and Kaylin Garcia

While Joe Budden and ex-girlfriend Tahiry Jose’s name were tossed around as possible contenders for previous seasons of Love & Hip-Hop NYC it looks like the rapper has finally agreed to showcase his love life for the cameras, only it won’t be with Jose — instead he’s helping to give his Zumba instructor new boo Kaylin Garcia an even bigger spotlight. Not that she doesn’t already have one. Joe shares his infatuation with “Young Ratchet” as he’s affectionately nicknamed her, via Instagram and Twitter on a regular basis. Garcia seems like a prime candidate for stardom having already won over many of his fans without so much as saying a word. We’re guessing that the younger, fitter Kimbella lookalike will have no problem keeping the attentions of VH1’s audience. But, at what cost to their relationship?

Kaylin Garcia and Joe BuddenKaylin Garcia and Joe Budden

Tahiry Jose

If you thought Kaylin Garcia coming aboard LHHNYC was going to stop Budden’s ex Tahiry from getting her shine on, think again. In addition to scoring a role in the independent film Interludes, the very voluptuous Dominicana is launching a new career as a rapper (sighs) while continuing her modeling (sighs) endeavors up in the meantime. After listening to Somaya Reece’s struggle raps we aren’t all that confident that she’ll be crossing over from modeling to music all that seamlessly, but we can pretty much guarantee that appearing on the same show as her ex and his new boo will bring at least some the drama that Ms. Mona Scott Young needs to keep LHHNYC a success. As much as we like Kaylin, we’re still big Tahiry fans, so we’re hoping for lots and lots of scenes in the pool, bathtub, jacuzzi and on the beach.

Tahiry JoseTahiry Jose

Raqi Thunda

Raqi Thunda

Radio personality Raqi Thunda (she’s done on-air work for DJ Green Lantern’s Sirius XM show) may have finally hit the jackpot by landing a spot among the LHHNYC cast, but we’re not sure just yet about what she’s doing on the show. She’s got lots of friends in the business (Fabolous, Diddy, Joe Budden) but we don’t want to sully her reputation by throwing out too many names too early. But we do suspect that some of her friendships are a little messier than other castmates will like. Raqi’s shown up in Joe Budden’s timeline and on his Instagram feed enough for us to gather that her role initially had something to do with her relationship with him and Kaylin, but a little birdie tells us that that particular bridge has been burned so badly you may not even get to see the full play by play on the show. From what we hear, she and Tahiry got into it. And it got bad. And Joe was involved. And oh yeah, Fab’s name came up too. Should be interesting.

Raqi Thunda Kaylin Garcia

We wouldn’t expect to see too many pics like these in the future.

Raqi ThundaRaqi Thunda



Like Raqi, not much about Lore’l is out there in these streets just yet, but from what we’ve heard, the female emcee is quite the spitfire. While it’s doubtful she’ll be attached to a rapper on the show, she once dated Young Money rapper Jae Millz and was formerly signed to rapper Red Café. Lore’l definitely has some talent and based on the warm reception to her most recent mixtape (she’s getting airplay in NYC) LHHNYC might be just what she needs to take her over the top — ala K.Michelle. Expect this one to talk a super tough game but have a bite just as strong as her bark. Believe us when we say, you don’t want to rub her the wrong way.

You can check out what she sounds like in the freestyle below:

Lore'lLore'lDraya Lore'lRich Dollaz Lore'l

Rashidah Ali

Rashidah Ali

Feel free to quote us when we say Rashidah Ali is the cast member most likely to be arrested before the end of the season. While you may or may not remember her from previous appearances on “Basketball Wives” you’re likely to be familiar with that story of her delivering a buck fifty to a bouncer’s face last year. We’re hoping her LHHNYC checks are big — cuz she’s also built a serious reputation for bouncing those and writing bad ones. Word on the street has it that while the aspiring socialite tried building a shoe empire ala Evelyn Lozada style, stores in multiple cities were eventually shuttered for failure to pay rent. Homegirl also has a rep for charging up luxury hotel and resort bills and bouncing without paying up. Now don’t get us wrong, we’re not calling her a con artist — just saying some folks are so “about that life” they aren’t afraid to live outside the law. And based on the company she keeps we’re guessing she won’t be afraid to throw a bottle, slap a beyotch or jump on a table on camera either.

Rashidah Ali Nia Crooks Evelyn Lozada



No stranger to LHHNYC — y’all remember Winter popping up last season as Fabolous’ former assistant who advised Emily B to stand by her man despite him dipping out just because at the end of the day he loved her? Yeah well, that advice might sound even more suspect once Winter gets her screen time. We hear Winter has gotten close to several of your favorite rappers and is penning a tell-all could do some serious damage to a few big names on the East Coast and down South. The Miami based Winter has also been penning an advice column for Benzino and Dave Mays’ “Hip-Hop Weekly” magazine (wonder if Mona Scott Young had a hand in hooking that one up hmmmmmm)! We’re interested to see how much Winter knows about the other ladies’ men and what happens after they find out.

Winters HHW

Yandy and Mandeecee

Yandy and Mandeecees

Since last season Yandy has started a family with her boo thang Mandeecees (they have a son Omere) and outlined the blueprint for a new website, but not everything has been going as expected. Last month the couple’s home was reportedly raided (Yandy was home alone) by the Feds and Mandeecees is allegedly facing some legal trouble as a result. Through it all Yandy has kept up a brave face and continued to keep alliances with fellow LHHNYC vets Olivia and Kimbella. She also appears to have mended fences with executive producer Mona Scott Young, but we’ll find out how long that lasts once Yandy finds out she’s not the only cast member to know her man in the Biblical sense… Could get really messy.

Yandy OmereYandy Mandeecee OmereYandy and Omere

Yandy Kimbella

Kimbella and Juelz Santana

Yandy’s PUDD Kimbella also gave birth during the off season, to a baby girl named Bella. While last season ended with some uncertainty about her and Juelz’s relationship, they appear to be doing better these days. Expect Kimbella to devote a lot of on-camera time to motherhood and getting her body back into banger status but we won’t be surprised if she gets plenty emotional about raising her daughter. Her nemesis from last season Erica Mena will also return, so it seems safe to expect some friction there as well.

Yandy Mandeecees Juelz Kimbella

Tarence Olivia


Olivia confirms shooting LHHNYC

Olivia is back and she’s got her groove back as well. After struggling through the last two seasons the Queens singer finally gets signed and it looks like she’s in love as well. Based on many happy Twitter and Instagram posts we’re hoping that Olivia will introduce her pro baller boo Tarence Kinsey into this season’s storyline. Her manager Rich Dollaz is also making a return to the show, but we’re not all the way sure whether he’ll spend more time talking about Olivia’s career or his new boo thang.

Tarence OliviaRich Oliviea Lore'lOlivia and YandyTarence Olivia

Erica Mena Rich Dollaz

Erica Mena and Rich Dollaz

Erica Mena Confirms she's doing LHHNYC

Rich Dollaz tweets about LHHNYC

In case you hadn’t alread heard, Olivia’s manager Rich Dollaz is now chopping down Erica Mena. And we’ll end the mystery over who the pair of Epitome of Bad Parents are right here. While it’s still unconfirmed that Rich Dollaz is the deadbeat Daddy his baby mama claims he is we’re now hearing talk that Erica Mena ain’t isht when it comes to being a mom, and that she deserves all the scrutiny and criticism that (BBWLA) Draya has received plus some.

Erica Mena kissing son King

In recent months, a source reached out to Bossip with word that Erica’s friends and family had no idea where her young son King was, and they were worried she didn’t either. It eventually came to light that she’d left him with a random gay couple. How responsible.

Erica Mena kissing son King

Still he may have been better off there since we also hear Erica’s had her ups and downs and was living in the PJ’s with a girl she just met.

Erica Mena Maxim

While we’d like to hope Erica has cut back on catching fade since last season, we’re doubtful that much has improved. But we do want to congratulate her on her upcoming Maxim spread, even though it’s not the cover feature she bragged to friends about.

We’re not sure it’ll make it onto the show but we also thought you should know that while she’s not on Season 3 of LHHNYC, Somaya Reece got picked up by Erica’s Terror Squad ex/baby daddy and the pair are very happy together. We hear Erica is super salty about that one.



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