Guilty As Charged

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Akon  Chucks Kid

Proud Konvict Akon admitted that he was in the wrong for tossing some kid off the stage during his concert last year:

Akon pleaded guilty to second-degree harassment, a violation, apologized to a fan for tossing him off a stage at Dutchess Stadium and was confronted by the fan’s father, all in connection with the June 2007 KFEST concert.

A plea deal with the Dutchess County District Attorney’s Office disposed of the charge of endangering the welfare of a child, and allowed Akon to plead guilty to second-degree harassment, a violation.

Akon was sentenced to a maximum $250 fine, which carried a mandatory New York State surchage, $100; and 65 hours of anti-gang and anti-violence community service.

The plea deal, sentence and Akon’s apology to Anthony C. Smith ended a year of court appearances for Akon, who has until June 2009 to complete his community service.

After the successful singer entered his plea, Smith and his parents lingered in the lobby while Akon and his attorney filled out paperwork, while accompanied by a bodyguard and an unidentified woman. Smith’s parents had left the lobby and he was passing through a door to leave when he turned around, walked up to Akon, shook the singer’s hand and said, “Thanks a lot.”

Akon apologized several times to Smith, but was interrupted by the victim’s father, who said, “You threw my son of the stage.”

So much for justice. The thug hopeful got off easy this time. Nothing’s more gangsta than throwing a scrawny ass teenager into a crowd of people. Punk.



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