Happy 3rd Birthday Lou! Heidi Klum And Her Bodyguard Boo Take The Whole Crew To Disneyland!

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Heidi Klum goes to Disneyland with boyfriend Martin and her parents Gunther and Erna Klum for her daughter Lou's   birthday at Mickeys Halloween Party in Anaheim, CA. Pictured here: Gunther Klum, Heidi Klum, Henry Samuel, Lou Samuel.

Guess Seal wasn’t invited…

Heidi Klum and her new bodyguard boo brought the kids and her parents out for a lil family fun at Disneyland in celebration of daughter Lou Sulola’s third birthday this week.

Heidi Klum, along with her boyfriend and mother, take the kids for an evening of family fun at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Pictured here: Martin Kirsten, Lou Samuel, Erna Klum

Here is Martin toting lil Lou around. We’re thinking that, if you’re Seal, that’s gotta hurt.

But hopefully Lou still had a good birthday. Riiiiiiight?



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