What Baby Bump? Kimmy Cakes Slams Rumors That She’s Got A Gut Full Of Yeezy By Flaunting Her Bangin’ Bawwdy In New Photo Shoot

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Thicker than a lil bit…

Kim Kardashian Crushes Pregnancy Rumors In Form-Fitting Photo Shoot Dress

Kimmy Cakes might be thirsty for a little baby ‘Ye, but it doesn’t look like she’s gonna get it just yet.

The curvy Kardashian recently did a photo shoot with her sisters for their clothing line in a skin-tight black dress that revealed a flat stomach and her signature coke-bottle body shape.

Kim may not be with child yet, but daaaayum if those aren’t some child-bearing hips! She must be hittin Kanye’s “workout plan” pretty hard.

More of Kim and her thicky-thick girl swag on the flip…

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