Blood Diamond Russ to Bossipers: “Get The Rush Card!”

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Both Visa and Mastercard told you to kiss their a$$e$. But, don’t fret this Holiday season. Russell Simmons reached out to Bossip and wants you to be able to function like a person with credit score above 500:

“Rather than get in line to cash your check then get in line to pay your bills, there’s the RushCard,” Simmons explains. “Rather than be locked out of hotels, car rentals or internet purchases, there’s the RushCard. Get access to the American Dream as it’s unfolding.

Also, if you have a small business or you don’t want your college age kid to twist your credit out, or if you want a finite amount of money for holiday or other shopping, the RushCard works well. We now have the ability to build credit where there was none. These are just some of the uses for the RushCard. We intend to build other services for these underserved communities.”

What in the hell is the Rush Card, you ask? Well, it’s something like the Boost Mobile of credit cards:

RushCard members have access to all the conveniences of a Visa debit card, including the ability to make purchases and pay bills online, rent a car, and book hotel accommodations. Direct deposit allows members to avoid paying high fees and waiting in long lines to cash a check. Plus, since the RushCard is prepaid, members cannot go into debt or incur high overdraft fees and interest charges.

Want a Rush Card? Click here.


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