*Exclusive* Getting It In Alert: Melyssa Ford & Raekwon

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Bossip has exclusively learned that Melyssa Ford & Raekwon “The Chef”, have been seen around town as a couple. They were recently spotted creeping at Melyssa’s “Persona of a Crook” photo shoot where Raekwon came to the set to watch Melyssa’s every move. Melyssa will also be starring as the lead chick in his new video for the first single to drop off of “Only Built For Cuban Links 2”. Our spies tell us that they pulled off in Raekwon’s custom convertible Rolls Royce right after the shoot to go “hook up”.

Hmmm, that’s a serious upgrade for one, and a sho’nuff downgrade for the other.



  • Caramellatte


  • Caramellatte

    LOL! That felt good…Anyway and who is this cat! Never heard of him.


    Raekwon let a sista get in on that baggie!
    but im not even feelin this rumor here but im sure its a possiblity…..


    As long as it ain’t my baby Ghost we 100


    “Anyway and who is this cat! Never heard of him

    maybe you are over 40

  • http://www.myspace.com/jackmove718 Naw Son


  • Caramellatte

    maybe you are over 40 ”

    Nah im 30 and I still never heard of this cat!

  • qc704

    and all this time i was sittin over here thinkin that
    “melyssa ford drives a honda accord.”
    dont she kno she aint gonna get far lovin them rap stars…smh…((haha corny, i kno))

  • Hannibal


  • Yerr

    Thats that thug lovin, Shaolin style. lol Ewww. What I want to know is how in the hell he is rolling in a “custom convertible Rolls Royce”. Im sorry but that Wu Tang money has been long gone. That ish don’t make sense.

  • JJ


    You never heard of the Wu Tang Clan?

  • Sylvia


  • WorldGoneWild

    If this is true, he must be packin sumthin large.

  • Nyah Molineaux

    Okay for all those people who have never heard of Raekwon “The Chef” of the Wu-Tang clan, you are the reason hip-hop is in such a mess right now. I am 28 and I remembered the 90’s with “Triumph”, “Protect Ya Neck”, “M.e.t.h.o.d. man”, and all those good songs. In the 90’s his Cuban Linkz album was a hip-hop classic.

    Too many of yall are forgetting the people who made good hip-hop, and are embracing the Ying-Yang, Soulja Boy type crap.

  • Your College Sweetheart

    if it were not for rap, a lot of these less than attractive, uneducated men could not get with a woman like Melissa.!

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