Will Smith Gives Big Money to Religious Charities

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Will Smith donated a grip of stacks last year:

Just-released tax returns for movie star Will Smith’s charitable foundation show he and wife, Jada, gave $1.3 million in donations last year to a variety of religious, civic and arts groups.

Smith’s biggest single contribution was, as usual, Yesha Ministries of Philadelphia. He gave the born-again Christian based organization run by Reverend James Robinson a whopping $250,000. That’s a hefty raise from the $140,000 he gave them the previous year. Another $200,000 went to a Christian ministry outside Los Angeles called Living Waters.

He also gave a combined $122,500 to the Church of Scientology, broken into these donations: $67,500 to the New York Rescue Workers Detoxication Fund, $50,000 to the group’s Celebrity Center in Hollywood and $5,000 to ABLE, another Scientology offshoot. Smith and his wife have also supported a private school called New Village Academy they opened this fall in suburban Los Angeles that uses Scientology learning concepts.

Boy, are these Scientology clowns gonna be upset when they find out Will Smith’s been donating money to legitimate Religious institutions. They’ll probably drop him down a rank or two and suspend his extraterrestrial communication privileges. SMH at extraterrestrials.


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  • Hannibal

  • Dashington


  • JUJU



    that aint nothing but change to this man.. change and a nice tax write off


    KUDOS TO THE SMITH FAMILY! That’s what it’s about. You receive blessings just to bless others.

  • Redd Tony

    Good for them….

    Give em a clap JuJu…hahhahahhaha

  • Exxon300

    Damn JuJu them jeans are hitting, yes it is good to give back to the Lord.

  • Nina Knows

    give back to the lord? oh he shops at walmart too?

    its a tax write off…. not a big deal people.

  • Sarah

    Will gives back to charities and religious groups. Whats the big deal? Everyone loves him and his new movie is all about giving back. The guy even takes photos for his fans when he meets them, so what if hes a do-gooder?


  • http://www.myspace.com/afiya00 Afiya - GO EAGLES

    Y’all better share the wealth before some smooth talking Wall Street guy take you for all your worth!

  • boo boo kitty

    lol…9 comments for a brotha doin somethin good. dayum.
    Good job Will & Jada. Gotta tithe.
    I still dont think he’s a scientologist. He just believes in the TRUE CHRISTIAN CONCEPT OF TOLERANCE!

  • bg

    Scienwho??? Will is a member of Mt. Olive Tabernacle of Love missionary baptist church – sign Rev. Odell McDial

  • Sepia830

    Will and Jada are going to mess around and be broke f*cking with those Scientologists.

  • Comedyman21

    do good.
    but he should star a kids sports team like snoop dogg

  • Comedyman21

    but he should stat a kids sports team like snoop dogg.
    did hear hes sellin his shed on ebay


  • Rachel

    y’all made me laugh out loud with those Xenu references.

  • Get The F*(K Outtta Here!

    Will: So can sleep with Katie now!?
    Tom: Let ask Mr Hubbard

  • michelle87

    I dnt know where there money goes to charties and organizations they are not helping the people who really need it i am 22 pregnant and need help i have no support nowhere to live iv been calling and trying to get help no help ive got i dont know what to do where are the people that can help me this is my first child ive tried everything no help!!!

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