Jim Jones Signs a New Deal

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With all the G-Unit, Dipset, Koch, etc. rumors Jim Jones has found a home a Sony.

Via MissInfo.tv:

“I just left the lawyer’s office. I signed a multimillion dollar joint venture with Sony. My boss is Rick Rubin and Hip Hop (Kyambo Joshua) is doing my albums with me. What you think Jay-Z is gonna think about that?”

“What’s crazy is that they gave me the same deal that Un and them f*cked up back in the day when they got the Sony/Untertainment deal….I got that joint venture, that 50/50 split, they don’t give those out anymore. That’s a Dame Dash, Ruff Ryders deal. And I’m bout to go crazy with it. I’m gonna be a problem.”

“That’s bugged, right? Just think, Minya [note: ok, I’ve known the Dipset guys longer than I’ve been Miss Info so they get a pass, ool] Hip Hop is the guy who did all of Jay’s albums, and Rick Rubin is the man who gave him that monster hit. So I dont know if he was aware of the deal, but its when everyone else finds out….that’s what I imagine will put him in a different kind of state.”

A multi-million dollar deal?? Yeah, Jim Jones is coming up, now hopefully he can take some extra time out to take showers on a regular basis. Good for him.


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