Did Rihanna Gank Ciara’s Dog Swag????

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Rihanna is rockin’ her new dog as a style accessory but we think she ganked this swag from Ciara who has been sportin’ her dog all year.

Rihanna brought her new dog to the Letterman show yesterday in NYC. Are you feelin’ the dog swag?


  • Donnie

    1st…the dog’s are cute…people jack other people’s style everyday…

  • Anonymous3


    maybe…if I see one more celeb holding a tiny dog like it’s a pocketbook, Iam going to scream….these celebs have no indviduality…they have to repeat what everyone else has done….LEAVE THE DOGS AT HOME PEOPLE!!!

  • KDogg

    This post is dumb. Why not delete it the same way you did the Kim K post from yesterday.

  • Dr. Heather

    That looks like the same dog…Maybe they went to “rent a tea-cop puppy.com” and got their cute lil’ pup.

  • not-new

    This is not new, Britney and Paris have been using dogs as accessories forever.

  • lucky

    DAmm this must be really slow news day!

  • #1

    These rich broads can carry what they want! Stop Hating! Get where they are and then u can talk! Now take that to the bank.OOOOOOPPPPPS! I forgot you opinionated Haters don’t have it like them.


    Rihanna is the BADDEST COPYING CHICK IN THE GAME so why stop at a dog.

  • Ayo

    Lol at baddest copying chick in the game. Anyway I heard this chick actually took the damn dog out for the interview does anyone know if that’s true. Damn now she pimpin the dog for album sales.


    I think if she stops touring and just go and sit down her album sales might go up (nah it’s too late now). What went wrong with the sales they had her performing, they should’ve just let umbrella do it’s thang and not have her so calling singing live self go out. All the people who knew she could not sing was not buying the CD anyway but she messed up cause the one’s who were buying her CD heard her sing and with bad concert reviews and was like nothing has changed so therfore hence low CD sales.

    Rihanna looks like she needs a friend in this picture, instead of her but thinking she is grown she should have her mom with her or some kind of FAMILY SUPPORT……………

  • caboverdechic

    Who gives a sh*t about them having the same dog, if rhianna has a chihuahua,pit,or poodle then she’ll be copying millions of people.Theres no way of gettin around not having the same anything.. So delete this post please and by the way this is the first ive seen ciara with that dog!!!

  • NAIS

    I still kinda like Rihanna so please dont over do it with these posts about irrelevant stuff like u did with Beyonce


    Stan b gone — If you they can say someone is copying wearing the same shoes then a dog is not out of the game.

    It’s all stupid cause we all have put on something some else has put on in our life time but society has got to have something to talk about so why not this………..

  • beetach

    VTORIRI, are mad?? aleast she has sold 2.1million worldwide. Album just came out last 4 month ago.

  • Buttercup

    Ciara been rocking that maltipoo since last year. RiRi been swagger jacking Beyonce her whole career , then she took FeFe Dobson’s steelo a few months ago , an entire decade worth of Madonna’s 80’s look. Nothing is sacred with chick.

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