It’s a Wrap: Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri Broken Up

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janet & jermaine

Jermaine Dupri is going to have to find some new 40+ year old cakes to palm because Janet Jackson’s are now off limits:

Janet Jackson has split up with her long-term record producer boyfriend Jermaine Dupri, according to tabloid reports.

The couple has been an item for four years, and was only recently rumored to be planning to marry and start a family together.

However the National Enquirer claims Jackson and Dupri began battling over the failure of her recent tour, which he managed, and which ended with a string of canceled concerts because of illness and reports of poor ticket sales.

And sources tell the tabloid the 36-year-old has moved out of the superstar’s Los Angeles home, and they have agreed to spend time apart. The insider says, “Janet and Jermaine finally hit a wall. They were fighting over his management of her career. In the end, she decided to make a break.”

Representatives for the two have yet to comment on the reports.

Damn, that’s a shame. We wonder what that little ninja turtle did to f*ck this up. Bossipers, would ya’ll care to speculate?



  • Beta Gamma Diva


  • Ermy Erm (Chitown til it go DOWN!)

    Why were they together in the first place?

  • Roe ski Love

    I knew this relationship would’nt last.

  • Texas


  • j9

    hhahaha 2nd


    Why was she ever w/this treasure troll anyway?

    Its an ice storm in the CHI today FYI hehe.

  • Mr.Anderson says

    Bronze Nucca!

  • MsMac


  • jazi

    I heard about this alleged break up and according to his blog its not true..and she’s not pregnant either.

  • Truth

    I don’t think its true. JD just released a statement yesterday and said that they are still together.

  • lady

    need more people to confirm this.

  • Truth

    The next Splitsville will be Jay and Beyonce! We haven’t saw them together for ages. Jay is always out in the clubs by himself.

  • Jay

    I guess we have seen worse Raekwon and M Ford now this. LOL

  • hell if ikno

    damn…i read she was pregnant and bout 2 get married…knt trust dese damn magz

  • Aunt Viv

    From people dot com as of YESTERDAY:

    Jermaine Dupri: Girlfriend Janet Jackson Not Pregnant
    By Mike Fleeman

    Originally posted Thursday December 18, 2008 08:45 PM EST
    Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri

    Photo by: Johnny Nunez / WireImage

    Jermaine Dupri has gone to his JD’s World blog to knock down rumors about him and girlfriend Janet Jackson.

    “No she is not pregnant and yes we’re still together,” he wrote Thursday in a message “to all the Janet fans.”

    Dupri, 36, professes, “It baffles me how y’all let these blog and magazines control your lifes.” That, he explains, is why he created the blog “so whenever (you) hear s— about me you can come right here and get the truth.”

    He notes that Jackson, 42, is a “very private person” and jokes “the only reason you see her as much as you do on my YouTube vLog is because me. LOL.”

    “But I hear y’all and your questions,” he says. “So here you have it.”

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