Which One Would You Hit???

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Here are some interesting pictures of T-Pain and Melly Mel. We must ask, if you had to hit one of these normal looking guys, WHICH ONE?


  • Southernbell

    no comments???? LMAO!!!!!!!!

  • missj

    Mel’s body is scary. He looks like he could go into roid rage at any minute.

    T pain is not cute at all but he has a wifey so he is set for a woman. His wife is what my grandma would call a plain jane so they actually look good together.

  • Smartie

    Mel, you gonna take care of that baby that little stripper girl over in Bruckner is having ? Dirty old man, your kids are older than this girl !

  • Notch

    Dear Heavenly Father please allow me the strength to pick one of these fine looking brothers as someone who I could possibly get with.

    What is that you say God???

    Nope God told me I didnt have to!

  • Bryant's Gyrl

    Hell to the naw……….I rather touch myself……..


    To Smartie:

    You have to give us the scoop on the stripper thing. Whats the 411???

  • lainy

    Wow!!! lete me see ……. hmmmmm….. uhhhhhh

    ok I will pass.

  • lainy

    Wow!!! let me see ……. hmmmmm….. uhhhhhh

    ok I will pass.

  • 504okaay


  • kisha

    t-pain isn’t bad looking yawl. if his complexion was lighter no one would be saying how horrible he is. think about it – you know i’m right.

  • i've never posted here before


  • http://iisretired I Stay SMH

    Melle Mel and Chuck Brown…need shirts. LOL

    No disrespect godfather.

  • lucky

    Mostly likely Tpain afte i knock down 4 hennies and coke and some Patron

  • Mo'Ree

    HIT with a bat???? I say T-pain only cause he’ll stay down….

  • Smartie

    M-Daddy, she met him while she was “working”, and within a few weeks of hooking up she got pregnant. Of course he stopped calling after that and now she’s probably gonna work the pole till her water breaks. She’s in her early 20’s and he’s more than twice that.

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