Who Looked More Bangin??: Kerry Washington and Dania Ramirez

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Seems like Kerry Washington and Dania Ramirez are the most recent swagger jackers out there, and both were spotted at the Young Hollywood Promotion Pfor the Golden Globe Awards. You know we have to ask…

Who Looked More Bangin??

Taye Diggs, Tyrese, and Sanaa Lathan are pictured as well when you…



  • kahmmillion

    Dania got this one!

  • Sawyer

    Gotta give it to Kerry…although I’m a huge Diana Ramierz fan…well back in here Soprano days before she blew up and decided to hit the anorexic route :-(

  • kahmmillion

    Why Dania be acting so stupid on Heroes though? I’m so happy that they killed El…

  • donnachang

    DANIA…kerry looks ashy and im praying those white feet are panty hose and not lack of lotion..ugh.

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  • Vinandi ( thinks Sasha fierce is a psycho douchebag and that her Stans should join her in the mental asylum!!)


    Sanna looks gorgeous as per usual!! so does Gabby, although chicks seem to be out most nights!


    LOL, somebody must of heard our condom pant conversation yesterday….

    neither they both look a mess….but if i had to choose id say Dania, her hair and makeup are way more correct than kerry’s

  • bg

    Kerry, but for some reason today she looks like she stuck her lips in a bee hive

  • Whoa

    Dania, because she exudes confidence. Keri looks scared.

  • Raquel26

    Kerry Washington.

    Her outfit is better. And she looks better.

  • dayg715

    they both look hot.


    Im gonna go out on a SHORT limb and say me…and I have on Tims today….

  • baizo

    kerry is cute but shy @ diana looks orange maybe its de camera

  • Chi-town

    I vote NU too!

  • Pretty Brown Thing


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