Keyshia Cole: Shoulda Let You Go

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This is Keyshia Cole’s video for her new song “Shoulda Let You Go”. Damn, there sure is a lot of letting go in her life right now. Make sure you watch this one to see Keyshia’s nice non-siliconed rack in a pink bikini.


  • Sandy

    the song is a banger, keyshia still looks a mess, but she is getting better, who is the tranny rapping???

  • Traycee

    It’s a cool vid.

  • syndi

    I don’t know what it is, I don’t hate her, im just not into her music but she looks cute in the video, some what pin- upish with that swim suit ;)

  • Jus Another Opinion

    This is weird she is singing good songs but not practing what she singing. Apparently Jeezy is seeing a chick named Mialey and video hoe Angel Lola lov all at the same time. KeKe is supposely back talking to dude. Idouno! But I like the song!

  • infamiss

    she looks cute


    GO Keyshia!!!! Keep reppin Oakland boo. she looks cool in the video but she needs to see a dentist

  • Reformed GammaRay

    this and the song with too short “didn’t I tell you” (*sigh* on too short verse) is fires..

  • Notch

    I think KiKi looks cute till she opens her yuk mouth

    But im loving the video..reminds me of a “Come to key west for a vaca” commercial

  • TopThat!

    her last album was better

  • Trini Chica in BK

    Is that her cousin who wuz rappin on the track? I think it is

  • DC Tap Water

    this one, #9, #14 is the best ones…and this video is wack…cheap beach video…Are they short on the budget…? Maybe I should watch the rest of it…

  • Coop

    She is PHAT as sh*t!!!!!!!!!!!!

    She’s hood but DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Akasha1

    Keyshia looks very cute in her bikini…she showed her more soft and feminine side. I like it.

  • Btbrown32

    I’m trying to figure out why people make good comments but have something negative to say. The song is a BANGER!!! And she looks damn good in Pink. I would hit!!!

  • imunique


    They said “non-siliconed” meaning not fake. Moving on…I love the song but that girl rapping just ruined it for me. She can’t rap worth crap. I think this cd is better than the first. I was pleased I must say. It kinds of reminds me of Mary’s “My Life” after K-Ci broke her heart.

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