Donald Trump Claims President Obama “Bombshell” This Week But Comes Off As Bigot Talking Jewish People Being Unintelligent Voting Obama [Video]

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Straight up… Fck Donald Trump and his old orange racist arse. He doesn’t care about his racism, being that he’s uber-rich and you people give him a pass. But, we see all your faults you greedy bigot. Hear the way he’s pro Lance Armstrong… despite being caught red handed? Ask him about Chris Brown.
He’s anti-black…

Also, isn’t it ironic that Fox is pure and outright “Anti-Obama?” They did not go this route with Bill Clinton, although they showed distaste. Now, they don’t care.The whole Fox News Network is “Anti-Obama!” Not Anti-Democrat… But Anti-Black Man President.

Notice at the end he admits straight up… “His Announcement Is Personal!”

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