Beyonce Has a Little Looky Looky

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Beyonce and some girlfriends were spotted partying at The Box Thursday night in NYC. Apparently Ms. Knowles was enjoying the view of women getting it on with one another.

Via Page Six:

“Beyoncé was really making the most of the burlesque strip show. She was on the table in the VIP balcony cheering loudly as two girls got naked and licked each others’ feet. She stayed until 3:30 in the morning.”

So she likes to see the ladies get naked, eh? There’s nothing wrong with having a ganders at two broads going at it, we’re just surprised little miss “I don’t like the taste of alcohol” would enjoy such images.


  • Kensington

    Hmmmm. First, well. REAL burlesque, a la Von Tease, is actually very entertaining.

  • Someone

    I don’t believe this one. I need to see some proof like TMZ usually has.

  • puhleez

    the page six is ur reliable source? this is funny considering tmz spotted her AND jay leaving bar pitt after dinner.


    Oh word?????????

  • manny

    whats wrong with having a little fun?

  • Kendall

    i’ve heard that this aint the first time she has been seen going to strip clubs..i’ve heard about this about 2 or 3 other times on her fansites since im a Beyonce fanatic. i think one time she said she gets inspiration for videos etc.

  • Tbaby

    she probably thinkin about that 3some her rihana and jazz had

  • Covergirl757

    everyone like to have fun every now and then….even B

  • Nikka

    beyonce and jay-z are both gay, they are each other’s ‘beards’ (?) anyway, they’re just following will and jada and about 98% of hollyweird couples ..

  • Beyonce...a freakkk...shocked!

    if she can suck Jay-z’s d*ck, then watching two women get naked and suck each others’ toes is prolly like heaven.

  • im_unique

    Sounds like fun to me. I don’t see anything wrong with it. I fantasize about women all the time. It seems pretty natural to me; although most won’t admit it. It doesn’t mean you’re going to act on it.

  • ASia

    beyonce cheering loudly?? this story sounds made up cuz that girl is the last person you would see hootin and hollarin at a burlesque show! plus she has said she likes her red wine but the girl deserves some fun!

  • Kurt Eric Munroe


  • kandykane8816

    why is sanaa lathan always pushed up on some woman?

  • Baby Please

    @ kandykane8816

    Yuuup. Sanaa Lathan is all up on her. LOL.


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