Self Hate: Adult Film Star With Unnatural Looking Weave Goes In On Black Men Explaining “Never To Date Them” (Megan Vaughn) [Video]

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We feel sorry for your mother and father…seriously… “We Feel Sorry For Your Mother And Father.”

The problem we have with going in on an actual “Ejac-Bucket” is the fact that this comes from an-actual “Ejac-Bucket.” So, can you really look to her for anything outside of brains and beating?:

No two days in the adult business are really the same. Enter Megan Vaughn. We told Megan Vaughn to let loose once our camera started rolling and, she, well, she doesn’t hold back when it comes to her dealings with black guys. Megan expects to be taken out to the nicest restaurants and your credit card better have a high limit. Megan ain’t no gold digga, but she ain’t messin’ with no broke… get the point.



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