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Kanye West is still leanin’ on the city of Paris with Alexis, the couple was spotted last week heading to a Chanel fashion show. On Kanye’s blog, he says he was “channeling MJ with the bow tie and leather combo”.

Fill in The Blank: You would describe Kanye’s fashion style as ______________.


  • His Style is wack


    Really tacky, wack, bama, buster, etc.

  • His Style is wack

    Wierdo, homo, mismatched,goofy,corny,gay,anything but fashionable.

    He’s dresses like a 4 year old who picks out his own clothes!

    Everything that is “expensive” is not fly (unless it is coordinated with some other fly ish.

    This fly cause I’m different is really not working for him. He has terrible taste in style/ clothes.

  • BellaH

    Revenge of the nerds…

  • .seco

    Well the bow tie is pimpin… but the jeans don’t leave anything to the imagination lol. Keep killin em’ Kanye, do you!

  • chi chi

    on trend, fashionista dandy, hot

  • quit hatin on kanyeezy

    instead of hatin on kanye’s out-of-the-box choice of clothing, ya’ll need to step up ya’ll fashion game.

    quit wearin the uniform white night gown/baggy ass jeans/ baseball cap combo.

    lookin like some damn clones.

    obviously he aint gay if he got a dime holdin his hand.

    step it up fellas…

  • mac

    Kanye is ur typical scenester. he wears whatever some mag oe designer thinks is kool throws it all together. cant hate him tho. hes doing something diff for hip hop.

  • no

    utterly desperate and faggot like.


    a teenage bean pie sales man

  • Ana

    although I am glad he is trying to be different…but I think he is trying too hard. Its like he asks what could be the most “out there” combination to put together. Most trendy people do it because it is a part of them, not because they are TRYING to be different. they just are.

    alexis looks bangin tho lol

  • Cool and Casual

    “obviously he aint gay if he got a dime holdin his hand”

    Obviously you haven’t heard of the DOWNLOW syndrome…or do you consider those brothers “MSM” (Men who have Sex with other Men but swear they aren’t gay). I’m not saying Kanye is gay but in 2007 having a woman on your arm, dimepiece or not, is no indicia of being straight.

  • Stranger

    nerdy and wack

  • Guilty Pleasure

    TACKY and CORNY!!!!!!!!!

  • daria

    80s-eccentric chic. I love the matching thing with Alexis. Cute without trying too hard. My only suggestion would be for her to rock the faux-hawk.

    People who use the term “gay” superfluously to describe people and objects are generally insecure with their sexuality. I suppose wearing some big pants that are hanging from your knees, gold and diamonds that African children died for, and shirts for the morbidly obese on a medium sized person is straight? I think you are all confusing gender identity with level of tackiness.

  • Bird

    Hellen Keller-ish

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