Denzel Admits Watching Slizzard Peeps Online For Movie Research

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Youtube, ‘drunk trip’, and flight simulators.

Those are just a few of the tips Denzel dropped in an interview during the premiere of his new movie, ‘Flight’.

According to Hollywoodscoop:

Denzel Washington has a couple of Oscars under his belt and is one of the most respected actors in Hollywood, so what’s his secret? Studying YouTube videos, apparently.

Denzel’s new film Flight tells the story of a rogue pilot who saves a plane from crashing. After an investigation is launched, they discover that he was drunk the entire time.

To channel his best “inner drunk” Denzel turned to the expert in drunk-people-doing-things: the Internet.

“You can YouTube drunks, there are thousands, they are amazing,” Denzel told Hollyscoop at the Los Angeles premiere of Flight. “There’s this one guy that’s trying to open a door and it takes about a half hour or something.”

He gives us this tip, “YouTube ‘drunk trip.’”

Denzel also researched how to play an alcoholic pilot the old-fashioned way – get drunk and fly a plane.

“I just drank a lot,” Denzel joked to HS, “[but for] the flying stuff, we got the flight simulator.”

But this is Hollywood after-all, and not everything you see is real. Denzel says it wasn’t so much flying as “acting like I was flying. We never actually flew, we flew the flight simulators, but to feel like a pilot is a cool feeling.”

Denzel told us why he was attracted to role, “It’s a very good script, it’s a unique role that I haven’t played before. Got a lot of demons.”

Sounds like he had a good time getting his research in.

Are you happy to have Denzel back in the box office?

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