Clap Back: “Saved By The Bell” Struggle Star Lark Voorhies Says “My Mama Is Full Of Isht I Ain’t Bipolar” [Video]

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Is Lisa Turtle a couple sandwiches short of a picnic??

Lark Voorhies Says Mother’s Claim Of Bipolar Disorder Is “Comical”

According to TMZ reports:

Lark Voorhies — who played Lisa Turtle on “Saved By the Bell” back in the day — says her mother’s full of crap … insisting she is NOT bipolar, despite her mother’s claims.

Lark’s mother recently told People her daughter had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder — but this week in L.A., Lark told us she finds the report “comical.”

But the video is really bizarre — Lark can’t seem to complete a thought, taking abnormally long pauses and speaking nonsensically … saying things like, “Well you know, people want to express themselves and … you know, they will do so at free random.”

“The particular trade editorial [presumably People] and I are not in agreement, however. It’s so far left from what was actually atrast [???] or brought about.”

Uh, what??

Peep the video of Lark’s ramblings below. She might not be bipolar, but this broad is DEFINITELY throwed off…

Why does this interview remind us so much of Maia Campbell?? SMH

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