Ex-Files: Crunchy Karrueche Calls Rih-Rih A Homewreckin’ Slorebag And Says She “Ruined Everything”

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Karrueche Calls Rihanna A Homewrecker On Facebook

Karrueche may have went from a main thang to a mistress literally over night, but she wants the world to know that it wasn’t without a little help from a certain “homewrecker.”

While her Breezy-boo made it crystal clear in a public statement that he thought it was best to cut his oochie-coochie Kae loose so he could be free to frolick with Rih-Rih as a “single” man, the former ride-or-die “rice cake” isn’t going down without a fight….a facebook fight, that is.

She recently posted this message to her FB page, giving a not-so-subliminal shoutout to Rih-Rih and her “homewrecking” ways:

Daaayyum. Guess Karrueche was getting tired of being silent on the sidelines.

Do you think she’s making things worse for herself? Or is she well within her “rights” to let the world know how she really feels and call Rih out on her BS?

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