Katrina Race War

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The video addresses some disturbing racially motivated things that occurred during and after Katrina in a small neighborhood called Algiers. Back-wood trashy motherf*ckers.



  • Conspiracy Brotha




  • Keify

    Co-sign on what Tru3playboy said….that’s so pathetic, though. They should all be prosecuted anyway for even admitting to firing on other citizens without proof that their property or persons were in any iminent danger!

  • cutemama007

    @tru… tell me about it co-signing 100 percent!

  • Rai

    I’m from New Orleans and I can testify that this clip is very real. Growing up and still to this day, you would never catch me in Algiers or St. Bernard, it has always been a little backwards before and after Katrina!!!!!!

  • crazycutie


  • Raquel26

    This is why I have a gun permit. And a gun to go with it.

    Who waan rump wit meh? lol

  • http://strawberry_g@live.com Strawberries

    Da fukkk! Y haven’t these people been prosecuted? O right….because te cops were doin the same thing. I almost forgot. Now they sellin their land and demolishing their homes and smilin to boot.

  • Lady Architect

    This is pathetic and pisses me off! The fact that were able to do this and were told by police to just put the bodies to the side is ridiculous! No white people were killed in this neighborhood and plenty of them didn’t live there. You have a right to bear arms within your home not on your block. If you were in your home and felt it was threatened then you can rightfully disarm the threat, not even kill unless they attacked you with a deadly weapon. These muskrats were out in the street waiting for a black spec to appear.They are cowards and they enjoyed wait they did for the mere fact that they would tell them to run and shoot them in their backs. God will put a horrible wrath on them and they will be sorry. Nasty crackers.

  • Lady Architect

    Our troops spending so much time for “IRaqi Freedom” yet we have more problems in our own country. I guess the oil over there is more important than American lives.

  • Raquel26


    I feel ya mama! F_ck the bullsh_t. I’m on that Black Panther/Revolution game, ya heard?

    Trust that if ANY white person dare come THIS way????? It’s a wrap fa sho! There will be a new meaning to Get Me Bodied.


    LOL@ ILL, whas up. I couldn’t agree more
    why is this suppose to surprise me, o i forgot racism doesn’t exist.

  • Chaerim

    So I wonder what they would have done if they saw some whites walking thru their neighborhood? Because they were some whites doing some looting oh excuse me they were finding food for their families (SMH) during Katrina.

    People always say oh Why do black people pull the race card? Why do black people think all whites are evil and out to get them…THATS WHY!

    The white man aint nothing but the DEVIL’s offspring!!!

  • Wally George

    They were just protecting their neighborhood and way of life. Hoods should stay in the hood and stay out of neighborhoods, pure and simple.

  • dubya

    You know MissBlaze43, I understand you to an extent, sure SOME people took things they needed, however, there was a large percentage of people who used Katrina as OPEN SEASON to loot for televisions, play stations, cars, etc.

    My uncle stayed during Katrina and had to shoot at blacks and whites who tried to enter into his home and take stuff.

    It’s very dangerous to make Katrina into some sort of race war because not all black people were innocent victims of angry white men and not all white men were shooting at black people just because.

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