Louis V. Suing TI???

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This is a picture of TI hugging up with Meg, from Louis Vuitton. Now Louis Vuitton is suing him after all the love he gave them:

Louis Vuitton put the brakes on T.I. and his ‘Swing Ya Rag’ video because the ‘rag’ he’s talking about is a Louis Vuitton scarf. In the song T.I. raps, “Alright, okay, I don’t dance, no way. I just take my Louie rag out and wave it round in the air”. T.I. says, “We spoke to them. The video, it’s done. But I guess it’s one of those corporate things where they don’t wanna be associated or affiliated with a certain type of brand. A T.I. video ain’t the best look in their eyes right now. No harsh feelings.” Earlier this year Louis Vuitton won an undisclosed amount after suing Da Brat for showing a Louis Vuitton beach ball in one of her videos and Britney Spears for showing a Vuitton dashboard in one of hers.

TI and Tiny were personal marketing tools for them, and all of a sudden they don’t need TI? Oh well, f*ck ’em.  You live and you learn Clifford. SMH





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  • Dr. Winkie

    they should be happy to have an artist in his prime talking bout them. idiots.

  • ha ha

    Louis Vuitton is beyond ridiculous.

    after they sabatoged their own brand with the crap they released they have some nerve in trying to save it.

    they are not exclusive. and the sales of the fakes is a testament to that.

    all you need is like $400 and you can get a Louis Vuitton accessory. SMH

  • always knew

    Black folks need to stop buying these brands that don’t really care for Negroes AND it’s not making our communities richer..If it doesn’t benefit us, I think we should stop spending money on these types of ‘designer bags”…Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty designer bagsm but I am starting to grow a conscious..They really don;t do anything for us…..

  • http://www.gravatar.com Re

    Isn’t any marketing, good marketing? You know if celebs are wearing it, their fans are going to wanna purchase it as well…even if they got to give up their right arm to get it.

  • http://www.gravatar.com Re

    @Nina Knows

    You’re right! Excellent point…

  • Leelee

    Why do these black folk continue to advertise for these white folks, who could care less about you. Do they donate any of there money to any poor communities…they could care less about the ghetto. Yet still the ghetto keeps giving them their last dime, just to say or show that you have a LV product…SMH.

  • White Priviledge and NO you Ni@@a Men can’t have NONE!

    Isn’t this the same co. that Mister George Bush doesn’t like Black people Kanye West will be doing an internship for? Image isn’t everything he gets arrested every other week. Louis V is an old brand and will always be associated with OLE’ MONEY…yes ‘it’ exist.

  • http://www.gravatar.com Re


    Maybe you should start wearing Phat Farm/Argyle Cotoure. Cause I’m tired of Russell pushing that brand so hard.

  • mzsweetface

    That is so wrong. LV needs to realize stars like TI increase their sales. Whether they are talking about it on a song or being photographed wearing the merchandise, it promotes sales. So by them holding up the video, I guess that’s their way of saying they don’t want our money. SMH! Done!


    Sue the pants off his black azz Loui(see i dont even know how to spell that bullshyt)

    next time make ur own scarfs and promote them in ur song…

    i didnt read ur comment yet Nina but im sure its something to this effect…


    i wish i would buy that corny azz ed hardy bullshyt. sorry….

  • ThatBKChick

    Thank You “Tina Knows”….just like the f_ckin French Wine Co Crystal going off on Jay Z…Jay got mad and made his own ish too!!! You would think that black people would learn by now to just leave whitey alone and do your own thang….it’s ok for them to exploit them as artist to infiltrate the black/hip-hop industry and getting us to buy their ish…love them by helping them build their wealth off our backs, and hate ourselves for trying to buy what in most cases we cannot even afford

    These elite company’s give these artist freebee’s and all sorts of swag, but when it comes to them flossing up front, then they wanna act like a black people stole something from they white azzes!!!

    I’ve lived in London/Europe for 8 years, and don’t get it twisted…..they are subtle and not as open with their racism as white people have been here (KKK, etc), but the DAMNED French are some of the most racist bastards on the face of the planet….Crystal, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior….most of the Haute Couture companies, etc. SMDH!!!!

    Louis Vuitton still have not allowed Kanye to premiere his line with them or Pharell’s so called Sun Glasses….why don’t black folk get together and own their own fashion lines, their own basketball/football/baseball teams and stop letting whitey “own our azzes”…we got a new President and it’s time that we step our game up and “move on up, like the Jeffersons”.

  • Mechelle

    This situation reminds me of when Cristal went on Jay saying they didn’t need the hip-hop community advertising their drink…and not LV is doing the same thing…these companies do not know how how influential hip hop is and they will see it in the long run

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