Jesus Take The Wheel: Newborn Baby Survives 40 Degree Weather On Doorstep Inside Of A Handbag

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New Born Baby Found On Doorstep Inside Of A Handbag

Today in aint isht parents news: a newborn baby was found on a doorstep inside of a handbag with his umbilical cord still attached and still breathing after enduring 40-degree weather on Sunday.

via Huffington Post

A newborn baby was found abandoned, his umbilical cord still attached, inside a handbag on the doorstep of a Corsicana, Tex. home. The baby boy endured temperatures that plunged into the 40s on Sunday night, according to police.

The baby survived and was taken to a hospital where he is in stable condition, according to NBCDFW.

“I was glad he had the energy to cry loud enough for me to hear,” Mihoko Brown, who found the baby outside her door, told the station.

The child might have gone unnoticed if not for Brown’s cat, Stinky, according to the Corsica Daily Sun.

“They said they heard a soft sound, and the cat went to the side door and started sniffing the door,” Corsicana Police Chief Randy Bratton said. “They went to investigate the cat and heard a whimper. That’s when they saw the handbag and looked inside.”

What a little survivor this child is already! We hope they find the scum that left him there..

Photo Credit: NBCDFW

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