Pervy Politician Popped: Anti-Gay GOP Candidate Charged With Choppin’ Down A Child!

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This GOP bully has been busted for abusing a young boy! The latest sex scandal to rock the Republican party, Delaware Senate candidate Eric Bodenweiser was poised to be a Tea Party rising star, but his career now lies in ruins.

According to The News Journal reports:

It was Eric Bodenweiser’s campaign for state Senate that prompted his accuser to take 25-year-old allegations of child sexual abuse to authorities, spurring the investigation that resulted in a 113-count indictment against Bodenweiser.

That’s what the accuser has said, speaking on the condition he not be named.

The indictment issued by a Sussex County grand jury on Monday, Oct. 22, alleges that Bodenweiser repeatedly had sex with a boy between October 1987 and August 1990, when the boy was between 10 and 13 years old.

Now the accuser says he was a neighbor to Bodenweiser in Frankford and says all of the instances of alleged abuse occurred inside Bodenweiser’s home.

“I just want to get through this and move on to the next step of my life,” he said. “I’ve been carrying this around for 25 years.”

Bodenweiser, 53, of Georgetown, posted bail — set at $250,000 — on Tuesday, Oct. 23, and was released from Sussex Correctional Institution with orders to have no contact with the alleged victim or anyone under age 18. He will be monitored by GPS technology ahead of a Nov. 19 court appearance at Superior Court in Georgetown.

Bodenweiser’s accuser, on Sept. 13, posted a comment on the website of the Sussex County radio station 92.7 WGMD-FM alleging he’d been molested by Bodenweiser and threatening to go to the media and the Attorney General’s Office. The comment was posted two days after Bodenweiser narrowly defeated incumbent state Sen. Joe Booth to win the Republican nomination to the 19th state Senate District.

“How can ANYONE vote for a Man that has some pretty scary Skeletons in his closet?” the accuser wrote. “I am coming forward now with my story to bring an end to Eric Bodenweiser’s lies & deceit to the general public. This so called God Fearing Man Molested me for several yrs at his home in Cuelen Acres in Frankford! He was in a position of power then, and I’ll be damned if I am going to allow him to abuse that power now!”

Before the Delaware State Police investigation into Bodenweiser and his arrest Monday, the Georgetown Republican and self-proclaimed member of the tea party had become a rising star of conservative politics.

Bodenweiser delivered a social conservative message during his own remarks at the Sept. 27 event. “When we win in November, it’s going to be because of all of us that hold to the principles and values that founded this great nation. That includes Christianity,” Bodenweiser said. “This is a very conservative district, and I think it deserves a conservative senator.”

After the fundraiser, Bodenweiser began to skip out on campaign events, and on Oct. 12 it was reported that he had become the subject of a Delaware State Police criminal investigation.

Bodenweiser suspended his campaign on Oct. 12 and filed paperwork on Oct. 17 with the state Elections Commissioner to have his name removed from the ballots. Elections officials say they will obscure his name with stickers on Nov. 6.

SMH. Somebody is looking real guilty right now. Why is it that the so-called “Christian conservatives” keep getting caught with their hand down someone’s pants?


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