Balding Bigot Rush Limbaugh Calls Gov. Chris Christie “A Fat Fool” For Working With President Obama To Aid Hurricane Sandy Victims

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Rush Limbaugh Calls Governor Christie ‘A Fat Fool’ For Hurricane Sandy Bi-Partisan Actions

Meat-headed motor mouth Rush Limbaugh is doing what he does best and talking that talk in the worst way.

This time the political prude targeted Republican NJ Governor Chris Christie for putting politics aside to work with President Obama in efforts to aid Hurricane Sandy victims.

via Comedy Central

President Barack Obama and Governor Chris Christie took a brotherly tour of New Jersey yesterday, each praising the others’ leadership as they surveyed damage in the state. But why the sudden comity?

Why doesn’t Chris Christie reject federal aid in lieu of Mitt Romney’s canned garbanzo beans from Ohio?

Or criticize the president for failing to appoint a horse judge as FEMA director? Or invite Paul Ryan into the state to cleanup all the debris that has already been cleared by DPW workers, like a real conservative leader?

It could be that Christie actually cares about the state he governs, though Rush Limbaugh has an alternate explanation…

“He’s fat and a fool. Don’t listen to Governor Christie. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about…

“Christie’s the only Republican not just praising Obama, it’s a — let’s just put it this way.
Is it wrong for one man to love another man? But that man love out there is isolated in the state of New Jersey.”

Though this Comedy Central blog put this idiot Limbaugh on full blast in the most hilarious way possible, this fool needs to reign in his fawkery on a serious note and join his fellow douchebag Donald Trump in the aint-isht-people-of-the-year corner.

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