The Side-Eye: Money Mitt And Lyin’ Ryan Swagger Jack President Obama’s 2008 Campaign Slogan – “We Believe In Change And Hope”

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Romney And Ryan Use President Obama Campaign Slogan Three Days Before Then Election

Can you smell that? It’s the ishtty smell of desperation….and the odor is coming straight from GOP headquarters where Money Mitt and his shady sidekick Paul Ryan are all out of stunts to pull.


Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan echoed Mitt Romney’s call to vote for “love of country” not out of “revenge,” seizing upon a line of President Barack Obama’s.

“Mitt Romney and I are asking you to vote out of love of country,” Ryan told a crowd at Marietta College. “That’s what we do in this country. We don’t believe in revenge. We believe in change and hope.”

Ryan was referencing remarks President Obama made Friday, also in the battleground state of Ohio, that voting against the GOP nominee is “the best revenge.”

The Obama re-election campaign, in an email statement, claimed the GOP ticket is “willing to say anything to win, but their rhetoric just doesn’t match reality.”


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