Baller Crib??? Shaquille O’Neal Buys New “Regular Person” Home For $235,000 In Florida

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shaquille o'neal new home in Florida $235,000

It’s not your average baller crib, but here’s Shaquille O’Neal’s new digs…

Via TMZ:

Shaquille O’Neal knows … being rich and buying houses is fun … so despite living in a GINORMOUS 70,000-square-foot mansion … he dropped $235k on a second, regular person house 30 miles away. Shaq — who is reportedly worth around $250 million — currently lives in an 11-bedroom, 13-bath PALACE outside Orlando, FL … which includes a 20,000-square-foot basketball court and garage filled with DOZENS of sports cars!!!

But that just wasn’t enough … ’cause in July the former NBA superstar laid down $235k on a very normal 3,900-square-foot abode … in a place called Mount Dora, FL.

It’s unclear WHY the Shaq-ster bought the spare pad … Investment? Gift? Kicks and giggles? But we do know the house is pretty nice — for those of us not sitting on fat bank accounts.

The new pad is rockin’ 5-bedrooms, 4-baths … granite counter tops … wet bar … entertainment room … and cherry cabinets. Which would all be really awesome … if his other house wasn’t WAY MORE awesome.

SMH at that minivan in the driveway lookin like Kendrick Lamar’s mama’s van…

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