Random Ridiculousness: Ciara’s New Look

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Supa C

Diva hopeful Ciara is in the news promoting her new album as well as her new self-inspired Super Hero, Supa C.:

Ciara has enlisted the help of a superhero for her forthcoming album FANTASY RIDE – after creating her own comic book character, SUPA C. The Goodies hitmaker, 23, is working with DC Comics to create the cover artwork for the album, inspired by the comic book classics she read as a kid. But she’s warned fans not to confuse her with the animated action figure. She [says], “Supa C is not my alter ego. Supa C is the star of my comic book and a big part of my album artwork. I have always been a huge fan of comic book illustrations as well as action super heroes, especially Batman and Spider-Man. “Creating my own comic book and character has always been something I’ve dreamed of doing.” Fantasy Ride is set for release next year.

Taking a page from Beyonce‘s book we see.. “Not my alter ego” – yeah right. This is the kind of simple ass foolery that professional suicide is made of. No pun intended here, but Ciara needs to go back to the drawing board this time and squash those plans to push this cornball comic book sh*t.



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