Florida Crazies: Disgusting Parents Punish Their 6-Year-Old By Locking Him Out Of The House For Three Nights!

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Some people really shouldn’t be allowed to have kids.

According to The Daily Mail:

A Florida couple banished their six-year-old to a porch — where he was made to sleep for at least three days — ‘as punishment for stealing and eating too much,’ according to police.

John Haley, 47, and his wife, Stephanie Haley, 41, were charged with felony child neglect Sunday after the shivering boy knocked on a neighbor’s door at 2 a.m.

He told the neighbor he had been locked out of the house and forced to sleep on the porch, sheriff’s spokesman Gary Davidson told the Daytona Beach News-Journal. The neighbor gave the boy a blanket and potato chips and called for help.

Temperatures dipped into the 50s on the nights that the child was forced to sleep outside.

‘When deputies arrived at the scene, the boy told them that he had been forced to sleep on the back porch for three days,’ Davidson told the newspaper. ‘He also said that he’s fed rice for lunch and dinner every day, and when there’s no rice, he’s given lettuce to eat.’

When he’s not on the porch, he’s often locked in the garage and only allowed inside when he needs to use the bathroom, the boy said.

Authorities knocked on the Haley’s door after talking to their son and asked them if they knew where he was. The couple said he was asleep in a bedroom.

‘When deputies informed them that he was at a neighbor’s house cold and hungry and complaining about being forced to sleep on the porch, John Haley initially acted shocked at the news,’ Davidson said. ‘But he later admitted that he and his wife make the boy sleep on the porch as punishment for stealing and eating too much.’

The Haley’s didn’t see anything wrong with the boy’s punishment, Davidson said. They were booked into Volusia County Branch Jail and are being held without bail.

The Department of Children & Families has now taken custody of the other six children at the house — three boys and three girls, ranging in age from 1 to 15 years old.

All of their kids have been sent to live with other family members. Hopefully they get better treatment with them since their own dayum parents didn’t give an isht! SMH.

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