Yeah We Said It: This Heffa Beyonce Pens Another “Open Letter”, This Time To Barry-O The Day Before The Big Election!

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Here we go with THIS broad again…

Beyonce Writes An Open Letter To Barack Obama

We’ve been down this road a few times with Bey Bey (1,2,3,4…to be exact) so we’re pretty familiar with how it works. Something major happens publicly (a death, a victory, a tragedy, a celebration, an “inspirational moment”) and Mrs. Carter turns into a pen pal.

Surprise, sur-f**king-prise, Beyonce is endorsing the POTUS.

Here’s a thought, instead of writing all these dumb-azz letters, why not go campaign for the man like your husband. Go shake some hands, kiss some babies, and knock on some doors and connect to the people.

Your letters are not provocative, they do NOT get the people going…

Regardless of how you feel about Beyonce and her letters, MAKE SURE YOU GO VOTE TODAY!!!

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Hit the flipper to see Bey Bey officially cast her vote.


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