Lil Wayne Doesn’t Listen To Rap Anymore

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Lil’ Wayne has joined the movement of successful rappers who say they don’t listen to rap. That’s a shame because it’s scary to think what Lil’ Wayne would be, let alone look like (yuck), without rap.


  • Encyclopedia Brown


  • Encyclopedia Brown

    I don’t listen to rap either

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    Matter fact

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    I’ve never listened to rap my entire life

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    Anyway, where is NIKKI U?


    let me guess he listens to Portishead like Yeezy?

  • Talley-B

    funny, he doesn’t rap anymore either, damn vocoder junkie….

  • Crazy Ass Rodney

    Top 10 SNITCHZ . . I hate Rap MUSIC!!!!!

  • 2DamTrill

    I am a beast feed me rappers and feed me beats.. lol

  • 2DamTrill

    Crazy Ass Rodney maybe you should try some hiphop…


    alKNsfohdoghorghohgoh……….um? I am sorry I can not understand jibberish…..can someone translate him for me??

  • Sawyer

    Not surprising! This is the same as an Football player who only plays the sport but doesnt watch it on there off days. But at the same time if my industry was putting out crappy ass music, I wouldnt listen to it either. But Lil Wayne you are part of the crappy music thats being put out. Just cause your album sells doesnt mean its good music!!!

  • Mz_Magnificent1 LUVS Her Prez

    Oh who cares? Since he doesn’t listen to rap his damn-self I guess he can’t be mad when people quit listening to his bullshyt…I hope his next album goes double-plastic.

  • j

    why is everbody hatin on wayne? i dont understand it

  • BlackLADYDoctor

    Guys like him maybe Nouveau Riche, but he ain’t foolin’ nobody. These KNEEGROWS kill me, get a little status and RAP music is no longer cool…I know why, because your silly anus is talking in circles on your tracks high as a dwarf planet.

    You heard him right fans and why are you buying his music?

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